China is moving within the range of the BrahMos missile, under pressure from the Jinping government

Banglahant desk: brahmos missile to india) DRDO has become more powerful and lethal. At this time a test of the Navy's indigenous shield destroyer BrahMos missile was completed. This test has been successfully completed.

The missiles were fired at a specific location in the Arabian Sea. Without disappointing, Missile Brahms reached the target point in a matter of seconds and destroyed it. This is the third successful test of the modern version of this missile.

These BrahMos missiles have come to prominence after a long period of rigorous combat and testing. The missile has also proved itself to be more powerful, having successfully passed the Arabian Sea target test. This missile is capable of destroying enemy warships while keeping its target fixed from a great distance.

The Brahma Super Sonic Cruise Missile can hit targets up to 400 km away, meaning it is capable of dusting off an enemy about 400 km away. The missile can also be operated from submarines, warships and land. The missile was developed by a joint venture between India and Russia.

At first the range of this missile was 290 km. But now the power of this missile has been increased to 400 km. According to the DRDO, the missile has gradually become more capable, which will be able to protect India. At present, China and Pakistan are under some pressure due to India's strength.