China is preparing to deploy missiles in Lipulek, satellite images came to the fore

Bangla Hunt Desk: Recently, India's relations with China and Nepal have not been very good. Although China speaks of peace in front of the two countries, it has hatched a conspiracy behind it that makes it impossible for them to believe. According to media reports, China is building a site to deploy missiles in Lipulekh. And satellite images of the incident claimed by the media have also surfaced.

Lepulekh is the area that was the subject of dispute between India and Nepal. Open source intelligence detresfa satellite images have shown that China has not only deployed troops in the tri-junction area next to Lipulekh, but has also begun construction work to deploy missiles there.

According to detresfa, the People's Liberation Army's activity can be seen through a 100 km GEOINT scanning of the area. China is building a site for surface-to-air missiles there. And it is next to Mansarovar lake. Media reports have claimed that China is also deploying troops there. China has been preparing there since May 2020.

Let me tell you, Lipulekh is the border area of ​​India, China and Nepal. And over the past few months, this area has been in the headlines. After Ladakh, China has been working to increase the strength of their army in Lipulek. They have deployed more than a thousand troops there.

Lipulekh Pass is the area from where India has built a new route for Mansarovar. Nepal objected after India built a 60 km long road in the area. And since then this place has become a matter of practice. Nepal then published a map like its own, showing Lipulekh, Kalapani and Limpiyadhur as its own areas.

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