China is scared because of this road in India, the Jinping government under pressure

Banglahant Desk: Tensions between India and China are gradually increasing. As soon as the opportunity arises, the Chinese troops suddenly jump on the Indian troops in the border area. Despite repeated warnings, China is unwilling to listen. On the night of August 29, the Chinese army planned another surprise attack.

China is remembering 1972

Every time China has been asked to exercise restraint, it has exposed its bad form. The Chinese government wants to remind India of 1972 as a weak opponent. But they are forgetting that it is 2020, there is a lot of difference between today's India and today's India. Once today's powerful India turns around, China will have a lot to lose.

India is building roads on the border

Daulat Beg Oldi is called the Gateway to Aksai Chin. India is increasing its power by building roads from its borders to Daulat Beg Oldi. This is the only way for Indian troops to reach Aksai Chin. It will also be able to monitor the G-219 highway on its way to Xinjiang. CPEC will also be able to monitor the corridor.

China is secretly building roads by blocking India

China on the one hand is blocking India from building roads in the border areas, but on the other hand they are building roads to connect the roads in the border areas. According to a Google image on August 29, a road is being built to connect two Chinese highways on the other side of the LAC in East Ladakh. The Chinese army is able to get help quickly during border clashes through this road. No matter how much China manipulates, it is very difficult to get along with today's India.

From Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi to State Minister Rajnath Singh, everyone has a strong message, ‘Ladakh has shown the signs of how terrifying the Indian army can be. So no one can touch even an inch of Indian soil.

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