China is selling defective treatment equipment to Nepal at a time of danger, reports say

BanglaHunt Desk: China's Corona Virus (COVID-19) has spread its net across the world. Now all the countries of the world are desperate to find a way to get rid of the virus. The number of infected coroners and the number of dead are gradually increasing. But China's point in this matter is not to be confused. China is now worried about expanding its business in this crisis.

China itself is selling its medical products to different countries. But there are also problems with these medical products exported to China. China also exported their medical products to Nepal (Nepal). China, like all other countries, sells quality medicines to Nepal, the friendly country. Earlier, China was notorious for exporting all their substandard goods. And now by exporting substandard medical products, China is making their names worse. Prior to Nepal, Ukraine, Spain and Turkey also returned quality products exported to China.

They are now seeking to return China to substandard medical products sent to Nepal. China, however, did not exempt the friendly countries from the business side. Those medical products were also sold at a high cost to Nepal. Now that Nepal recognizes China's cunning, the Nepalese government has stopped using the $ 3 million Rapid Test Kit sent by China.

Nepal recently sent a chartered aircraft from China for import of 4,000 test kits for the Corona virus test. But that test kit is being tested by health professionals in Nepal, and even a kit is not usable, all of which are low quality. After the matter came to light, the Nepal government stopped using the kit. Not only that, the Chinese government violated all trade agreements with the medical company and included them in the black list. Nepal was enraged at China's disgust at their disgust at this crisis.

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