China is threatening to retaliate against China

BanglaHunt Desk: The Corona virus (COVID-19) has caused a rift between Canada and China. Currently, Canadian experts are taking tough action against China. The Chinese government was furious after the arrest of the BBKCFO in 2016 on the advice of the United States, and also arrested a Canadian crew politician living in China. Since then, relations between China and Canada have been strained.

The Chinese government at the time accused the two men of spying. But now China is refusing to give consular access to the two men. China claims they did it because of the current situation, the Corona virus. But Canada claims now is not the time to block consular access. And it is also against the bilateral treaty.

Earlier, the Chinese government sent back two Canadian planes empty-handed to bring the necessary supplies from China. And now the rift in the relationship between China and Canada is deepening centering on this incident. Earlier this month, Canada imported about 1 million masks from China, which was highly defective. Two planes were then sent from Canada to China for the necessary supplies. But due to lack of space at the airport, China sent the plane back empty-handed.

Condemning the incident, the Canadian Foreign Minister said, “We can defend ourselves and handle the situation. Yes it is true that we sent two planes to China, it came back. Our Prime Minister Trudeau will discuss this with China later. After this incident, it was heard that China refused to give consular access to the two crew politicians arrested in 2016. According to a US news portal, the United States can talk to people detained in China, but it is not clear how much Canada will receive.

“China is not a strong supporter of the international community,” said Khrushchev, a professor of political science at the Queen Seine Group in Canada. So now we have to stop using Canada well with China. ' At present, China is in trouble as Canada has changed its FDI rules like India.