China is trying to strengthen its economy by buying shares from other countries, including India, in the crisis

Banglahunt Desk: China was buying shares from HDFC Bank of India to strengthen their economy in the wake of the Corona Virus (COVID-19) crisis. From January to March, China was buying shares from this large private bank in India. Central Bank of China's largest bank was doing this. Like the Reserve Bank of India, China's central bank has a lot of money. It is known that about 40 million shares have been bought.

HDFC Bank shares in India were very low, ranging from about 1-5. But before Corona, the share volume was 121-5. But to this day it has reached close to 1. The shares of the Chinese company started to rise after buying the shares.

China was also buying shares from European countries like India. But when the European government realized this, China stopped selling large quantities of shares with foreigners. And it sets out that no foreign company can sell high value shares. Otherwise, China would not have bought these shares at that time. At that time, China saw the basics of buying this huge stock from India. At present, the Government of India understands why China bought shares from this country.

Indians have come to know about HDFC Bank. But there are many banks whose issues may not have come out yet. Sebi first reported this, then the public would know. China that buys a large share of shares from India. The futures that experts have made about China today are coming true. For example, after the outbreak of the Corona virus in China, the virus will spread worldwide. In reality it is. Again, experts say that when the stock market of all the countries of the world falls, China will start buying shares of big companies. In fact, that was the result. China has begun to buy shares to strengthen their economy.

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