China jails women for not using contraceptives to reduce Muslim population

BanglaHunt Desk: China is trying to control a large number of Uighur Muslims on the outskirts of Xinjiang. This time they are trying to reduce the population of Uyghurs. And for this, Uyghur Muslim women are being targeted. They are being pressured to adopt contraceptives. And if you do not adopt that method, huge fines and imprisonment are being imposed.

The dual character of Chinese officials has come to the fore. They are encouraging more Chinese women to have more children to stem the declining birth rate in the country. On the other hand, Muslim women in the Uighur-dominated Xinjiang region are being pressured to have fewer children. However, officials claim that women’s contraceptive use depends on personal decision.

But the start of the government According to more media reports, China’s ruling Communist Party is using force to control the population on the outskirts of Xinjiang.

Many Muslim women on the outskirts of Xinjiang say they are being pressured. If a woman is the mother of more than one child, and she refuses to adopt the contraceptive procedure, she is fined a large sum of money and imprisoned. Many Muslim women released from prison said they were tortured there. They are given such drugs that the ‘period’ stops.

The Chinese government has been persecuting Uyghur Muslims on the outskirts of Xinjiang for the past few decades. Authorities there are keeping a close eye on the Uyghurs. Many detention camps have also been set up across the border, holding millions of Uyghur Muslims captive. Many countries, including the United States, have spoken out against China’s move.