China loses Finland to Pakistan after Pakistan, defective mask at high prices

BanglaHunt Desk: China does not leave anyone out of business. Whether it is an enemy country or a friend country. China can deceive everyone if it wants to. China has created malaria virus and spread it all over the world, it says the whole world. All countries around the world are fighting against the deadly outbreak of the Corona virus (COVID-19) from China. The number of dead and injured is increasing day by day. Italy, Spain, France and the United States have died. Different big countries are now trying to stop all kinds of foreign trade with China. Various countries have been vocal in their protests against China over the Corona virus.

China has not listened in any direction, but at the moment of crisis it has risen to strengthen its business affairs. China is also exporting low quality, defective medical equipment to other countries in times of crisis. Different countries have also returned it to China. Like other countries, the friendly countries did not exclude Pakistan and Nepal from the list. China has put Finland in great danger after Pakistan and Nepal.

Finland imported 2.5 million surgical masks and 2 million respiratory masks to protect against the coronary virus. Within 5 days of shipping all the necessary goods from China to Finland, they will realize that all the products are of low quality and unusable. Hospital staff may not use these substandard products. “Finland is disappointed with China's behavior,” a spokesman for Finland's health ministry told a press conference.

These medical products exported from China will now be given to health workers working outside the hospital. After being tricked by China, the government of Finland has now entrusted domestic companies with the responsibility of producing these essential items, which will be delivered later this month.

Before Finland, Spain, the Netherlands, Turkey, Nepal and Australia condemned substandard goods shipped to China. But China has repeatedly said that there is no problem with their products, which is very good. At present, this bad use of China with other countries of the world proves how China is now trying to profit from the deadly virus spreading throughout the world.

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