China no longer needed, new lithium reserve will make India ‘self-reliant’


अब नहीं चीन की जरूरत, नया लीथियम रिजर्व भारत को बनाएगा

Country’s second lithium reserve has been found in Rajasthan.
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India wants to shift its economy to electric mobility. The most important thing for this is ‘battery’ and ‘lithium’ to make it. India’s dependence on China for this will now be a thing of the past, because the country’s second lithium reserve has been found in Rajasthan.

Officials of Geological Survey of India and Mining Department have discovered a large lithium reserve near Degana in Nagaur district of Rajasthan. Information about its capacity has not been given yet, but it is being told that it is bigger than the reserve found earlier in Jammu and Kashmir.

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Rajasthan will fulfill 80% demand of the country

It is being claimed about Degana’s lithium reserve that it will meet 80 percent of India’s need for batteries. In such a situation, India will not have to depend on China for lithium. It is believed that due to this lithium reserve, not only will the days of Rajasthan improve, but India will also be able to export by breaking China’s monopoly.

India has set a target of selling 30 percent electric vehicles out of the total vehicles sold in the country by 2030. For this, India has to increase its non-fossil i.e. non-fossil fuel capacity to 500 GW by 2030.

The value of lithium reserve is in lakhs of crores

The size of Rajasthan’s lithium reserve is not yet known. But the lithium reserves found in Jammu and Kashmir alone have a value of lakhs of crores. The price of one ton of non-ferrous metal lithium in the international market is around Rs 57.36 lakh. In such a situation, the value of 59 lakh tonnes of lithium comes to about Rs 3.3 lakh crore.

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Tungsten used to come out of Degana

A deposit of lithium has been found around the Renvat hill of Degana in Rajasthan. This is the same area from where tungsten was once supplied to the country. Tungsten was discovered in this area in 1914 during the British rule. The main use of tungsten is in making filament of bulb, heater and press.

In that period, tungsten was used to make goods for the English army. It was used in the First World War. After independence, surgical instruments were made from tungsten. Later, due to cheap imports from China, the work of extracting tungsten from Rajasthan was stopped.

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