China sends billions of European Rapid Test kits to India The government will take a tough decision in this regard tomorrow


Bengali Hunt Desk: Europe has already imposed sanctions on Chinese corona kits in the country. European countries returned 2 million kits to China after the kits were faulty.

It has been alleged that China sent the kit to India a month later. The kits were sent to the states after the initial investigation yielded satisfactory results, but the use of the kits was stopped after the states raised questions about the kits. Now the question is, who is responsible for this?

According to the information received, on Friday the central government may take a big decision on this bad kit from China. A senior scientist from the Council of Medical Sciences of India (ICMR) said batches of 14 companies were approved for satisfactory quality. Among them were some Indian companies including China, Netherlands, South Korea. But first of all Chin started the delivery of the kit. Note that the Chinese company was already making the kit.

China's Livzone Diagnostic has so far shipped 4.5 million kits to India. More than 80% of kits from Ondf Biotech have come to India. The company donated 2 million kits to the British government in March. The test was stopped after the initial investigation of the kit was found to be flawed.

According to the ICMR, India has developed testing protocols for kits. In that protocol, the companies will be recognized according to the batch. A batch is actually released into the market after testing. The next batch of that company will also be tested. All materials will be returned to the company if found faulty.

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