China stabbed Nepal in the back, Nepal in the face of huge financial losses

BanglaHunt Desk: The Chinese government has once again proved that Xi Jinping understands nothing but his own interests. Despite pretending to be a friend of Nepal, China never thought before stabbing him in the back. The Jinping government dealt a major blow to KP Sharma Oli over the trade bill between Nepal and China.

According to sources, a trade bill was signed between the two countries two years ago. According to the agreement, China was to import 512 items from Nepal. But in time, the Chinese government unveiled its true image. The list sent from China to Nepal mentioned only 16 items instead of 512.

It is clear from this issue how the Chinese government wanted to give a financial blow to Nepal. According to Nepal's My Republican newspaper, China is pursuing a two-pronged economic strategy against Nepal. Nepal's economic situation is slowly deteriorating. The government of Nepal is currently facing huge financial losses at the hands of China due to its hostility towards India.

Incidentally, when the Prime Minister of Nepal KP Sharma Oli visited China in 2016, a trade bill was organized between the two countries. At that meeting, 7030 items were promised to be imported. These included clothes, utensils, footwear, beauty products, toothbrushes, buttons made of animal bones, medical oils and plastics. But Nepal has said that China has been repeatedly asked to import these items, but China does not.