China suffered a major blow, while Australia openly sided with India


BanglaHunt Desk: China got a big shock. Australia is vocal in its protest against China, which has clashed on the border between Taiwan, Hong Kong and India's Ladakh. Strengthened relations with India. Australian ambassadors Barry O'Farrell, speaking on condition of anonymity, said there were currently some countries that were going beyond their borders and attacking other countries' border areas, threatening neighboring countries – which was totally unacceptable.

On Monday, he added that India and Australia have a responsibility to keep India and the Pacific region free and open. Someone else's intervention there is absolutely unacceptable.

India-Australia interference from other countries is not acceptable

“India and Australia are democracies,” said Barry O'Farrell, Australia's ambassador to India, over the attack on Taiwan from the Ladakh border. Both countries are very popular in terms of playing cricket. And we both want to keep India and the Pacific region free and open. Interference from other countries in this matter is not the right thing to do.

It is not right for China to blow the nose of another country in the conflict with India

On the conflict between China and India, he said, “China and India should resolve their issues through bilateral talks.” It is not right for Australia or any other country to interfere here. He added that it is very important for these two countries with the same mentality to work together.

The meeting will be between the heads of India and Australia

The first virtual summit between Prime Minister Narendra Modi and Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison is scheduled for June 4. But it is not possible to say exactly how long this meeting will last. However, the meeting is expected to discuss defense, mutual logistical support and the Corona epidemic.