China takes U-turn on military rule in Myanmar, conspiring against India

BanglaHunt Desk: Myanmar is bordered by India and China. As much as India has rights over this country, so does China. India has stood by Myanmar in various fields. However, in this tense situation in Myanmar, India has never supported the military supremacy there.

From the border point of view, just as India is on one side of Myanmar, so is China on the other. Just as India is in favor of restoring democratic supremacy in Myanmar, so China is in favor of maintaining military rule in Myanmar.

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The people of Myanmar believe that China is interfering in the military rule of Myanmar. This is because the Chinese government rejected all proposals brought to the United Nations Security Council against Myanmar’s military rule. Citizens of Myanmar have been protesting outside the Chinese embassy in Myanmar since the incident. Not only that, they also gave the slogan to the Chinese ambassador to return to China.

The Chinese government has softened its tone after seeing the protests of Myanmar citizens. According to news sources, the Chinese government has said, “We are never in favor of military rule in Myanmar. We have no interference in this work.

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As anti-China sentiment develops among Myanmar’s citizens, the Chinese government is somewhat frightened. In this situation, if the anti-China attitude in the minds of the people of Myanmar once prevails, then in the future they will side with India. Which the Chinese government cannot accept in any way. That is why the Chinese government has softened its tone and spoken out on behalf of the people of Myanmar.