China, uneasy, threatens to blow up the tunnel during the Dil War

Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently inaugurated the Atal Tunnel at Rohtang on the India-China border. The newly constructed tunnel will enable the Indian Army to reach Leh from Manali in less than four hours in case of war. But in the meantime, China's success was again hampered by China's success. Chinese President Jinping has threatened to blow up the Atal tunnel in Rohtang.

India-China border dispute

The Indo-China border has been heating up for the past few months. Earlier, India's enemy country was neighboring Pakistan. But over the past few months, the land mafia has been the greedy eye of the Chinese government on India. In no way are they reluctant to retreat from the border area. That is why India is not hesitant to prepare for war. Preparing themselves for battle at any moment.

Stable tunnel

The Chinese government is under some pressure with the newly built Atal tunnel among India's multiple weapons to defeat China. It will be possible to reach Leh from Manali in a very short time through this stable tunnel. This will enable the Indian Army to reach the border area in less than 4 hours in case of war. But the Chinese government is reluctant to acknowledge India's success. He claimed that the tunnel could not be used during the war. Before that, they will blow up this tunnel.

China's threat

According to a report in the Global Times, a spokesman for the Chinese government, China has multiple options for blowing up tunnels. If peace is established between the two countries, then the Indian army will be able to use this tunnel. Otherwise, this tunnel will be of no use to the Indian army during the war. Because China will blow up this tunnel during the war.

Without flinching at the Chinese threat, the Indian military is firmly in place. They are getting ready to eliminate the enemy like themselves.