China wants to help India with vaccine! Friendship or something else.


China wants to help India make vaccines. Red China has taken initiative to restore the friendship between the two countries through vaccine diplomacy, it was said in the BRICS conference. Is Beijing merely extending a hand of friendship to resolve the rift over the past few months, or is there some more secret conspiracy behind this help? The practice of this has already begun.

On Tuesday, the Chinese president said Chinese companies were working on a third round of trials with Brazilian and Russian companies. Xi Jinping has said that they want to make a commercial note soon.

India is the second most populous country in the world. In this country of 130 crores, a lot of corona vaccines will be needed. Informed quarters think that China's goal is to enter the Indian vaccine market.

On the other hand, China's enmity with India is extreme in terms of Ladakh tensions. India has started moving towards self-reliance by reducing its dependence on Chinese goods. As a result, China has lost billions of rupees. They have also suffered a lot as a result of banning multiple apps including Pubji and Tiktak. Many also feel that China is trying to maintain its trade aggression by extending the hand of friendship after losing India's big market.

Amid hostilities over Ladakh, India and China again met at the BRICS summit. That is where such a promise has been made. China has also said it will assist 19 BRICS countries in research and vaccine trials.