China will send China back to India, sending defective medical equipment to India

BanglaHunt Desk: Spain, Italy, Nepal, Pakistan, Germany, India, now tricked. China, like other countries, sends China low-quality PPE. India imported some medical products from China, as did many other countries to handle the situation in Corona. The product is actually tested in India, its quality is extremely low. Any PPE exported to China by India is inappropriate for use by doctors.

China stood by several countries during the crisis, spreading the Corona virus (COVID-19). Many countries imported various medical products such as masks, test kits from China. But all those medical products exported to China, especially the testing kit, were flawed. After knowing this fact, Spain, Turkey, Nepal, Italy, France, Germany wanted to return their testing kit to China. China did not even leave Pakistan to the Allies in this task. China mask was sent to Pakistan by lingerie. But Imran Khan did not open his mouth in this regard. Again, if the Italian government wants to refund China's defective PPE, the Chinese government refuses to return it.

India also took some test kits from China. However, they have not yet been tested. If those things are flawed, then Corona will get without a positive person. So the government will test them first. India is now seeking to send these Chinese exported medical products back to China. China also names aid in the crisis, exporting their country's defective and substandard medical products. Because of this, the Chinese government has been importing large sums of money to strengthen its economy even during these calamities.

About 5 percent of the test kits exported to Spain were defective, which was sent back to China by Spain. Thirty percent of all medical supplies sent to Italy and all medical supplies sent to Germany were low quality. At the moment of crisis, all the countries now need medical treatment. But at the moment, China is strengthening China's economic reserves by exporting defective equipment.

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