China’s ‘Brave Pig’ Zhu Jianqiang finally dies

Bangla Hunt Desk: The death of a Chinese pig has cast a shadow of mourning over China’s animal husbandry. In fact, this pig is known in China as Brave Pig or Brave Pig. This special pig called ‘Zhu Jianqiang’ was very popular all over China because of its intense courage and willpower. Not only that, but about a dozen Chinese companies used the image of this pig as their brand logo. So the shadow of mourning has naturally descended on his death. Although it is known that he died of old age, not any disease.

But you must be wondering, why did an ordinary pig suddenly become so famous? A strong earthquake in 2008 shook the province of Sichuan in China. The quake had a magnitude of 6.9 on the Richter scale. The quake left much of Sichuan Province virtually in ruins. More than 90,000 people died. About three and a half lakh people were injured. This helpless creature also fell in such a strong earthquake.

His body was buried under the rubble due to the earthquake. This pig lived for about 36 days without light, water and food. When he was rescued from the rubble 36 days later, he looked a lot like a worn-out dog. The 330-pound pig weighed only 110 pounds at the time.

The incident was later reported in various Chinese newspapers. This news of ‘Zhu Jianqiang’ was even published in foreign media. Due to his impossible will, this pig survived without light and water even under the rubble. His willpower made him an ‘Ultimate Survivor’ to many people. This animal became a symbol of survival even in difficult situations. And that’s why his name became Brave Pig. However, the owner of the Jianchuan Museum bought him for ৫ 450. Zhu Jianqiang was in this museum till the last day of his life. According to the museum, the brave pig finally died of old age on Wednesday night.