China's disease spreads through labs: China claims Britain's Cobra Committee

BanglaHunt Desk: Every country has a secret secret to cleanse the country in danger. Different dignitaries of the country live in that com. One such committee in Britain is called the Cobra Committee. In crisis situations, the committee takes care of the country. Various investigating officers, commanders of the country, scientists are on this committee. The head of this committee is British Prime Minister Boris Johnson.

The UK has learned a secret about the Corona virus (COVID-19), which has shocked the entire world. One member of the committee said that at least some of their secrets came from the source, that the malaria virus originated from a lab in China and spread to the animals. Then the disease spreads to humans. Which has slowly taken shape.

The virus probably originated at Wuhan Virology Center in China. Then it is thought that China has spread it through humans. British Prime Minister Boris Johnson has also been infected with the Corona virus. And he was in isolation. So for a long time, the Cobra Committee did not want to bring this issue to the public without the Prime Minister.

This time the UK Cobra Committee brought the virus to the fore. But now it is believed that the virus is first applied to animals, and then spreads to humans. Again, it is heard that China, after applying it to an animal, kills the animal when it dies. And that's probably where the virus spread.

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