China's preparation and technology did not work! Indian soldiers hoisted flags in the high camps


Bangla Hunt Desk: Two days after Chinese troops tried to infiltrate, shocking information about Ladakh came to light. According to military sources, the southern part of Pangong Lake has been occupied by India. Indian Army personnel are now deployed in several posts there. According to sources, the Indian Army has set up camp on the most inaccessible Spangur Gap, Spangur Lake and the roads built by the Chinese army around it.

At the highest point on the south side of Pangong Lake, Chinese troops installed cameras and surveillance equipment, but India's brave soldiers still dominated the area before the People's Liberation Army. Sources said that the Chinese army had installed advanced cameras and new surveillance equipment to monitor the movement of Indian troops in those high places. But even then the Indian army was able to dominate the place and fly the Teranga.

The Chinese military was monitoring the Indian army with sophisticated equipment along the Line of Control. But Chinese technology floated in front of the brave soldiers of the Indian army. The Indian military dominated the highlands and removed sophisticated Chinese cameras and surveillance equipment. China has always claimed that those high places belong to them. At the same time, they wanted to occupy those places. Dangerous Chinese regiments were also deployed there. But in front of the Indian army, they proved to be stubborn.

According to sources, a special operations unit of the Indian Army and soldiers of the Sikh Light Infantry took action against China and occupied those high places. On the other hand, NSA Ajit Doval held a survey meeting with top officials on the situation on the Indo-China border. After this drastic step of India, the wind of China has blown away. On the one hand, they are begging for the withdrawal of Indian troops from the area. On the other hand, a Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesman changed the tone, saying that China never wants to provoke a fight. We want both sides to resolve this issue through dialogue.

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