China's smaller neighbor, Jinping, is putting pressure on the government

Banglahunt Desk: The world is buzzing with the corona virus, but China is preparing for it. Beijing has deployed warships and taken up positions over the sea, and its military power has been imposed on southern China. The developed world, with a few exceptions, has said little about Chinese military aggression.

International issues have been raised

Meanwhile, Vietnam has filed an international arbitration lawsuit and said it will settle the South China Sea dispute with Beijing. Vietnam's Deputy Foreign Minister raised the issue of an international case for the first time in almost five years. Last year, Vietnam's Diplomatic Academy hosted a conference in the South China Sea.

The world should look at Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan

China announced a ban on fishing in the South China Sea until August. However, Vietnam rejected the decision, calling China's order “unilateral.” But bilateral ties are strong. The world needs to look at Vietnam, Indonesia and Taiwan at the moment. Kareena Corona is in the situation but their bond is not forever.

Taiwan, China is an isolated province

We know that Taiwan, China is considered an isolated province, but Beijing has been repeatedly told about its reactionary response to the epidemic. China is trying hard to get to the center of the world system. When the G20 summit took place, world leaders had the opportunity to call on China, but they did not.