Chinese company Shaomi will donate 2,500 smartphones to Indian children to study online


BanglaHunt Desk: The waters of India and China's Ladakh have stretched far. Already a large part of India has called for a boycott of Chinese goods. The country is also moving towards a 'self-reliant India' to undermine China's economic dominance. All in all, various Chinese companies are facing huge losses in terms of trade in India. But despite the loss, Shaomi wants to help 2,500 Indian children study online by gifting them smartphones.

According to Shaomi, Shaomi wants to gift smartphones to 2,500 children in different parts of India on the occasion of the fifth birthday of their inclusion in the Make in India project. Which will cost them 2 crore rupees. For this, they have also entered into agreements with distributors and retail partners, said Muralikrishnan, Chief Operating Officer, Shaomi India.

In addition, Xiaomi has signed a contract with a company called Teach for India for this work. According to Teach for India, the corona situation has changed the education system across the country. The biggest problem in the new online education system is the financially backward people. So Teach for India wants to change the way children study across the country. So they are very happy to be associated with Shaomi in this project.

Incidentally, the center has suggested to open the school in a few steps following the rules from September. But with the rate at which corona virus infection is on the rise in the country, many are skeptical about its viability.