Chinese soldiers patrolling the border wearing make-up, viral hall video

Bangla Hunt Desk: On the one hand, while there is a standoff between the Chinese Army and the Indian Army, there are videos that people can't stop laughing at. Recently, a video of Chinese soldiers going viral on social media showed Chinese soldiers applying sun cream and lip balm.

After this video of the Chinese army came to light, people started making fun of the Chinese soldiers on social media. This video was shared by Global Times, the mouthpiece of the Communist Party of China. The video shows Chinese soldiers practicing their skin at the height of Tibet.

Global Times shared this video and wrote that PLA's Frontier Guard is giving information about skin care. Before going on patrol, when the Chinese soldiers are applying sunscreen and lip, their guru's serious face is becoming very cute. The video clearly shows that every effort is being made to make the Chinese army deployed in Ladakh look beautiful.

After the video came out, Twitter users reacted in their own way. One user wrote, they should also be given a makeup. Another writes, are they young men being made for their ramp? Another writes, Bollywood needs such a joker. Many users also advise Chinese soldiers to apply lipstick.