Chinese Xiaomi does not consider Arunachal Pradesh as part of India! People in Netdunia expressed their anger

Arunachal Pradesh (arunachal pradesh) is not considered as part of India (india) Chinese (china) mobile phone manufacturer xiaomi! A netizen expressed his anger in Netpara by making such a complaint. He said Shaomi's weather app doesn't work in Itanagar, the capital of Arunachal Pradesh.

Popular tech youtuber Gaurab Chowdhury Shaomi with the hashtag #XiaomiJawabDo to ask this question became a trend on social media. As Xiaomi is a Chinese company, the issue immediately took a political turn.

Let me inform you that China considers Arunachal Pradesh as its part like Ladakh. “Our position on the eastern side of the Sino-Indian border and southern Tibet is clear,” the Chinese Foreign Ministry said in a statement. I have never acknowledged the existence of the so-called illegally created Arunachal Pradesh in Chinese territory. “

Earlier, Flipkart had criticized Kohima for being outside India. Why doesn't Flipkart provide services in Kohima? In response to this question, the agency said that Nagaland is not served outside India. Located on the eastern edge of India, this small state has always been an integral part of India. However, many people in this state still do not recognize it. Naga separatist militants are calling for self-government, separate flags and a separate constitution. Many people think that this statement of Flipkart is questioning in favor of that issue.

Many feel that this behavior of one organization after another is strengthening the hands of the separatists in the country. Criticism has started in Netpara