Chocolate is actually a salad! MP Nusrat has an interesting argument with diet hoax


BanglaHunt Desk: Nusrat Jahan (nusrat jahan) has started gym again after a break of just a few days. Once again start the diet according to the rules, strict exercise. But before starting the gym, Nusrat's mind wandered. Turning away from the diet, chocolate is looking for his eyes. Got it too.

The MP actress is filling one box after another with a box of chocolates. Who doesn't like to cheat in the middle of the diet! However, of course, Nusrat also clarified this. To put it bluntly, chocolate is made from cocoa which is the fruit of a tree. That means chocolate is a salad. So he is not doing anything wrong by eating chocolate.

Hearing such a funny argument of Nusrat, the net people are laughing and looting. Someone called her, Chocolate Girl. Again, many people have asked for a small portion of chocolate from Nusrat. These sweet pictures of the actress are now viral on social media.

Nusrat recently introduced a new quality of his own. Many did not know that he could draw a good picture. On this day he was seen drawing a picture of Buddha on a white canvas. He shared a reel video. There is the face of the Buddha painted on a large white canvas. Nusrat is filling the yellow color in the middle of the leaves drawn next to him.

And this is why Nusrat became a victim of trolls again. Again, the artist is painting himself on the picture of the MP? Questions that fly. Again a sneer wrote, is there a man to buy pictures? However, the actress did not get less praise. Many people appreciate this talent of Nusrat.

But Nusrat also knows how to respond to trolls. He has blown away all the trolls and criticisms. As soon as he took a sunbath, his message to online trolls was, “If you read me, you can't graduate.” Nusrat knows how to give a good dose to the trolls as needed directly or sarcastically. He will be like himself, he will be like himself. So the actress MP has indirectly explained that there is not much benefit in the end by trolling her.