Choreographer Ganesh Acharya lost about 100 kg, said Kapil


Many of us know the choreographer Ganesh Acharaya. In addition to acting in various movies, she is also occasionally seen in various dance reality shows. He recently appeared on comedian Kapil Sharma's show. There, Kapil 7 commented on his weight loss

This Bollywood choreographer is known for his huge body He has reduced that huge look to the lockdown and put it on the shelf. Ganesh Acharya recently appeared on Sony TV's reality show The Kapil Sharma with Terrence Lewis and Geeta Kapoor. The promo of this show is being aired recently on television and social media. In that promo it is seen that Ganesh has lost a lot of weight.

As can be seen in the video, Kapil noticed this change of Ganesh and wanted to know how much weight Ganesh has lost. Ganesh replied that he had lost 98 kg. In response, Kapil joked that many people in small towns weigh 48 kg Ganesh weighed two people weighing 48 kg.

In an interview to a popular daily news outlet a few years ago, Ganesh Acharya said that he is having to work hard to lose weight. For almost a year and a half, she has been busy losing weight. He lost 40 kg during the movie Hey Bro. Earlier, his weight had reached about 200 kg.

Please be informed that Ganesh Acharya is currently playing the lead role in a Bollywood movie called Dehati Disco.