Chris Gayle threatened to block Chahal on social media.


Indian team spinner Yuzbendra Chahal is very active on social media, he often makes funny videos on tickets. But all those funny videos of him that are not very popular in the cricket arena are gradually coming out.

Earlier, Indian cricket captain Virat Kohli and opener Rohit Sharma trolled Chahal with a tick video. This time Chahal was stabbed by Caribbean superstar Chris Gayle. Gayle said you should be blocked if necessary.

Coming to Instagram Live, Caribbean giant Chris Gayle told Chahal that he would tell TickTock to block you. You are very active on social media right now, so you should stay away from social media because seeing you on social media is making our daily lives monotonous. So I'm seriously telling you, if you don't keep your distance from social media, I'll block you. Speaking to AB de Villiers on Instagram live chat a few days ago, India captain Virat Kohli compared Chahal to a joker.