Chrisann Pereira remembered the struggle days of jail, washed hands with detergent, made coffee with toilet water


Chrisann Pereira ने याद किए जेल के स्ट्रगल डेज, डिटर्जेंट से धोया हाथ, टॉयलेट वॉटर से बनाई कॉफी

Chrisann Pereira Release: Actress Chrisann Pereira has been released from jail and very soon she will return to her home. He struggled a lot and spent these days in jail with great difficulty. The Sadak 2 actress has now shared her experiences through a letter.

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Chrisann Pereira Emotional Letter: Sanjay Dutt’s road 2 Actress Krishan Pereira finally got justice. He was falsely implicated in the drugs case and because of this he had to spend many days in jail innocently. but now actress Has come out of jail. As soon as she came out, she talked to her mother through video call and looked emotional. Apart from this, he talked about his struggle days spent in jail.

The actress kept her point through a letter in which she said- Dear warriors, it took me 26 days to arrange a pen and paper in jail. I used to wash my hair there with Tide detergent and she used toilet water to make coffee. Whenever I used to watch any Bollywood movie, tears used to come in my eyes thinking that it was my desire to earn a name in the industry that took me to jail.

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Whenever I used to see any scene related to Indian culture here, I used to start smiling. I am proud of my country and I am happy that I am a part of the Indian film industry. My father, mother, media friends and police are real warriors in this case. I was just a pawn to get caught in this dirty trap laid by those demons. I am thankful to all those people who considered me innocent and took my case forward. I can’t wait any longer to come back home. Thanks for saving my life. This case of mine will be remembered in future also.

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arrested conspirators

Let us tell you that under a well-planned conspiracy, two people living in Maharashtra had implicated Krishan Perera in a drugs case and put him behind bars. The talk started with a fight with Krishan’s mother which turned into a revenge. Both the accused were caught and they also accepted their crime. The fans of the actress are now very happy after her release.

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