CID actress Chandrika Saha’s husband tortured a 15-month-old innocent, threw her on the ground, case registered


15 महीने के मासूम पर CID की एक्ट्रेस चंद्रिका साहा के पति ने किया जुल्म, जमीन पर पटका, मामला दर्ज

Chandrika SahaImage Credit source: Instagram

TV Actress Chandrika Saha News: Actress Chandrika Saha, who has worked in TV shows like CID, Savdhaan India and Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke, has filed a police case against her husband. Chandrika Saha alleges that her husband slammed their 15-month-old child on the floor several times, causing serious injuries. On Chandrika’s complaint, Bangur Nagar Police Station in Mumbai has registered a case and started investigation.

Chandrika told the police that her husband Aman Mishra was not happy with the child. Chandrika, 31, said that she was divorced. Later she met 21 year old Aman Mishra. In the year 2020, both started dating each other. But when Chandrika became pregnant, Aman insisted on getting an abortion. Although the doctor advised not to have an abortion, after which the child was born.

Husband always used to fight

Chandrika says that because of this her husband was always angry and used to fight. Last month, when their son turned 14, they got married. Aman’s face came to the fore only after a month of marriage.

How was it revealed?

According to the police, Chandrika has told in her complaint that when she was working inside the kitchen at home, she heard her son’s cry. After this he asked Aman to see him. Aman took her to the bedroom. But after some time Chandrika again heard the son’s loud crying. When she reached the room, her son was lying on the ground.

After this Chandrika took her son to the nearby hospital. At present the condition of his son is fine. Later, when she saw the CCTV footage, the cruelty of her husband on the little child was clearly visible. In the footage, the son was seen throwing her husband on the ground. After this Chandrika went to the police with the CCTV footage and registered a case.

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