Cigarettes could reduce corona risk, says French scientists on final test

BanglaHunt Desk: Corona has already taken on a paradigm shift around the world. The number of corona patients is increasing by leaps and bounds every day. Death procession is increasing with the scale. Doctors at WhatsApp University are discovering one tip after another every day Needless to say, it does not reduce corona infection but increases the risk of other diseases. But this time around, a group of researchers in France say that smokers are less likely to be infected with corona than others.

According to a French study, the number of patients infected with corona is much lower than that of normal patients. Cigarette tobacco contains nicotine, which may reduce the risk of coronary heart disease in smokers.

It is also learned that research on this subject will start very soon. Researchers are already preparing to study the effects of nicotine in people with coronary heart disease. The country's health ministry has not yet issued a clearance.

Earlier, researchers in China reported that only 12.7 percent of corona patients per 1,000 were smokers, compared to about 28 percent of the population. Researchers in France also found that only 4.75 percent of the 470 patients were daily smokers. They also claimed to have a better recovery rate from coronary heart disease.

In addition, alcohol increases the risk of various communicable and non-communicable diseases. It makes people more vulnerable. This lowers immunity and easily increases the chances of multiple viruses and bacteria attacking the corona.