Citadel Episode 5 Review: A big secret about ‘Nadia”s past, how is the fifth episode of ‘Citadel’?


Citadel Episode 5 Review:

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Citadel Episode 5 Review: The story of the first three episodes of Priyanka Chopra and Richard Madden starrer Citadel did not seem much, but the fourth episode was a bit exciting, after which people were waiting for its fifth episode. The makers have released the fifth episode. This episode looks a bit thrilling as compared to the previous episode.

As we all know that Priyanka and Richard are playing the role of detectives named Nadia and Mason in the series. From the very first episode of the series, we are seeing that the story is going on in the past of both, like how did both of them meet? What was the relationship between the two? Along with this, the missions of both are also being seen. However, the story of the fifth episode takes a different turn.

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What is the story of the fifth episode?

The story of the fifth episode begins from where it was shown in the fourth episode that perhaps Nadia could be the traitor of the Citadel. But is he really a traitor, we got to see about it in this episode. Along with that it is shown that Nadia who is a detective is the daughter of a terrorist.

Not only this, Nadia and Mason also have a son, about whom Mason is not even told. When Nadia’s son was only 6 months old, she had left him with his father. Now his son is 8 years old, but he is with Dahlia (Leslie Manville). Dahlia wants Mason to access Citadel technology, for which she will use his son. Will the two be able to meet their son, will Dahlia get access to the Citadel, there are many other questions that you will have to watch the episode to know.

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However, the turn at which the fifth episode has ended, it seems that the next episode can be even more powerful and more thrill can arise in the story.

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