Clashes erupt in Venezuela over prison escape, killing 48

BanglaHunt Desk: Now there is panic all over the country. It's just that the Corona virus is all around us. Due to this, the world is in turmoil. At least 48 inmates have been killed in a violent clash at a Venezuelan prison. The incident took place in the Venezuela state prison in Porttugesa.

At least 48 people have been killed in violence at the Los Lianos prison in the western Venezuelan city of Guyana. Several others, including a prison guard and the governor, were injured. The British media quoted the Venezuelan Prison Observatory as saying that the prisoners were outraged by the food and water crisis. The government claims that clashes broke out when prisoners tried to break out of the prison.

Several prison guards were reported killed and injured in the clashes. The prison, called Acarigua, in the state of Port Tugosa, can hold 250 prisoners. But they could not make arrangements to keep the prisoners in other places and the five hundred and fifty prisoners were kept in that jail in Akarigua.

A Venezuelan administration official said a sudden commotion broke out between the prisoners and the guards. At that moment, the conflict took the form of a clash. There were even several explosions inside the jail during the clashes. The prisoners surrounded the guards and started attacking. The situation became more heated as counter-resistance was formed.

Venezuelan prisons have recently tightened restrictions on the spread of the corona virus. According to the new rules, there was dissatisfaction among the prisoners as the supply of food from their relatives was stopped. Moreover, Los Lianos prison can hold two and a half hundred prisoners. But not being able to make arrangements to keep the prisoners in other places, about five hundred and fifty prisoners were kept in that jail.

Venezuelan Prisons Minister Iris Varela told the country's media that clashes had taken place at the prison. However, he did not confirm how many people died in it. According to the report, the prisoners tried to break out of the jail.

The government official further said that there was a commotion about giving food to the prisoners. Clashes broke out between the prison guards and the prisoners. This conflict gradually took on extreme proportions. The injured have been admitted to hospital. CCTV footage of the jail is being examined. The administration is looking into whether there was any other motive behind the clash or just giving food.