Cleaning up with fitness and income at the same time: Youngsters go out for jogging and collect garbage


Banglahunt Desk: This young man has been involved in the Transparent India campaign since he graduated. Vivek, a 24-year-old software engineer by profession, has never forgotten the responsibility of the environment to maintain his profession and his standard of living. He was aware of the environment and nature from college.

He also said that he would take part in every clean-up drive in Pune or other cities wherever he could and would do many drives himself. Last year

Since June he has conducted about ten pilot plugging drives in town with a few of his friends. Before that, of course, he would have planned all this while sitting in a place with his friends on holidays. It was the time of admission when they were collecting garbage like plastic bottles, glass bottles, polythene, wrapping packs etc. That means they used to do this while jogging .. He also added twenty more people to the work.

Vivek ran this organization called Pune Bloggers. He decided to preach in different areas every weekend, mainly because the more people in the parks, the more dirty the people would be. There was a plan to form a team in each area that regularly visited the area and added new people to it. Is also done. All in all, if we can work in this way, one day it will be possible to reduce pollution not only in this area but also in the world.