Clear underwear inside transparent PPE, on the forehead of patients on duty nurse

BanglaHunt Desk: Nurse appeared at the hospital after PPE kit. But the patients of the hospital were shocked to see it. What's the matter? In the current situation, doctors wearing PPE kits are seen every now and then. So what is in this nurse's PPE kit that everyone has this condition!
In fact, the nurse's transparent PPE kit is clearly visible in the middle of the underwear. He came on duty only after wearing underwear inside PPE as it feels hot. However, the patients did not complain even though they were surprised to see such a fancy way of the nurse. But the hospital authorities were left out.

The hospital authorities threatened to fire the nurse. Later, of course, nothing much happens in the workplace. Because that nurse is professional enough. Moreover, if a person is laid off in this situation, the hospital will be in trouble for him.

The nurse's argument in this context is that she is wearing only underwear inside the PPE because it feels very hot. But it was not in his head that it would be understood through transparent PPE. Of course, his argument did not work. But the nurse did not pay much attention to that.
This event is in the city of Tula in Rashi. The nurse is on duty at a hospital there. Many of the patients said that he really wanted to lighten the atmosphere of the hospital. Probably a factor as to why they're doing so poorly.