Clearance road to block water to Pakistan, revised DPR of Ujha project sanctioned center


Bengali Hunt Desk: The Central Advisory Committee approved the revised DPR of the first Ujh Multipurpose project in Jammu and Kashmir. With the approval of the new DPR, the road to Pakistan has been cleared.

In the revised DPR, plans are underway to divert all water from the Ujh River to other states, including Jammu and Kashmir. The project, which was constructed at a cost of Rs 917 crore, was sanctioned by the DPR with the approval of the Advisory Committee of the Department of Water Resources, River Development and Ganga Conservation.

Secretary UP Singh told the 144th meeting of the association that the project was announced in 2008. In 2013, a detailed report on the Ujjain Multipurpose Project was prepared by the Indus Basin Organization of the Central Water Commission. At the 131st meeting of the association, consultations were held on DPR. The DPR of this project was then revised.

I would like to inform you that many drought prone areas of the country can be flooded in a few years through the first multi-purpose project in Jammu and Kashmir to be built on the Ujjain River.

Through this project it will be possible to meet the shortage of irrigation and drinking water. The Ujha Multipurpose Project will irrigate 24,000 hectares of dry land in Sambha and Kathua districts. Initially, irrigation work was going on in 18,000 hectares of land, this time it will be increased to 8,000 sectors.