Clubs are facing financial loss due to the suspension of football in the coroner's throat, assuring FIFA of help.


Right now, the Corona virus is pandemic around the world, with the Corona virus having the biggest impact on the sport. For Corona, all sorts of football in the world are closed right now, which has to do with financial loss to the world's biggest football clubs. That's why FIFA, the highest regulatory body in the world, has come forward with the help of football clubs in the interest of football.

All sorts of football tournaments are closed right now because of the Corona virus, so the football clubs have to face financial loss. That's why football clubs have decided to cut footballers' salaries, and many clubs have decided to cancel contracts with their coaching staff. FIFA, the world's largest regulator of football, has come on the field to deal with financial losses. FIFA has a Marshall Plan to save football clubs from financial loss. FIFA has decided to provide $ 3 billion in financial aid.

The Champions League and Europa League have been suspended indefinitely. Uefa has not yet been able to say exactly when it will start. UEFA held a discussion on Wednesday to make the next decision, but could not find a solution. It is reported that UEFA will be back in talks at the end of May, and the next decision will be taken only when the situation is judged.

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