CM Yogi instructed the officers: No one has to come to UP on foot


Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditwanath on Thursday took a tough decision on migrant workers. Strict measures have been taken to prevent any worker from coming on foot or going anywhere. Many workers are stuck in different parts of the country.

Accommodation for workers from Delhi to Noida

In the meantime, the UP police has stopped the workers from Delhi and Noida and arranged for them to be kept in a local college. In Bulandshahr, about one hundred and seventy two workers were seen walking. Police then arranged a bus for the workers. They walk in the sun for a long time and cross many roads. Arrangements were then made to send them to their respective districts by bus.

Returning workers will be tested

The Uttar Pradesh government is reportedly working to bring back stranded migrant workers in many states. And it is known that they have to be brought back and tested. The CM instructed Yogi officials that all returning workers should be compulsorily tested. These workers will be quarantined for 14 days to see if everything is OK, after which they will be sent home. Infra-red thermometers will be provided in all districts for easy testing of migrant workers.

New arrangements for workers

Trains have been run for the workers, but many workers are still unable to take advantage of the project. The Yogi government has taken this new step due to the current situation in the north.