Coca-Cola will return 35 acres of land to the government, know what is the reason?


कोका-कोला सरकार को वापस करेगी 35 एकड़ जमीन, जानिए क्या है वजह?

The company has started talks to release land for the proposed Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) under the leadership of farmers.


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Cold drink maker Coca-Cola has decided to return its 35 acres of land at Plachimada in Palakkad district to the Kerala government. For this, the Coca-Cola company has started the process of negotiation. According to a statement by the CMO, Juan Pablo Rodriguez Trovato, chief officer of Hindustan Coca-Cola Beverages Pvt Ltd, sent a letter to Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan informing him of the company’s decision to hand over the property and the building there to the state government.

The Coca-Cola Company has already started talks to release land for the proposed Farmer Producer Organization (FPO) led by farmers. At the beginning of the talks led by Power Minister K Krishnankutty, the cold drink maker finally agreed to transfer the land. The company has also offered to provide technical assistance to set up a demo farm for the farmers there.

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The plant was closed in 2004

Coca-Cola closed its unit in Plachimada in March 2004, following complaints of environmental pollution by the local people and the company’s exploitation of groundwater. So that the people there do not face any kind of problem.

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The government has spent 1.1 crores on this land.

The disputed land was converted into a COVID facility in 2021 on the request of Coca-Cola, Kerala government. Coca-Cola completed the necessary repair work and handed over the unit to the government. Subsequently, in 2021, the Kerala government spent Rs 1.1 crore to convert a Coca-Cola plant in Palakkad into a 550-bed COVID19 treatment centre. In which 100 oxygen beds, 50 ICU beds and 20 ventilators were made for the treatment of common people. ,

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