Comedian Shraddha had fun on the Appraisal of companies, people said – should not have spoken this much truth


कंपनियों के Appraisal पर कॉमेडियन श्रद्धा ने यूं लिए मजे, लोग बोले- इतना सच भी नहीं बोलना चाहिए था

This is how comedian Shraddha enjoyed the appraisal of companiesImage Credit source: Instagram/@aiyyoshraddha

Appraisal Season: These days the process of appraisal is going on in all the companies. This is the time when the employees are ready to evaluate their performance. If you are a corporate employee, you too must be eagerly waiting for your review. Well, if you diligently filled out the long appraisal form sent by HR, then this video is definitely a must watch for you. Taking a jibe at the whole process, comedian Shraddha Jain has a Video Going viral fast.

In the viral video, comedian Shraddha talks as a manager. She says that even the manager has no less problems. One is to be thankful to the team for better performance. If you give a bad rating to others, then you will be guilty in their eyes. After this, she says that to avoid this, she gave work from home to her team for a month, so that they could not see her face for the next 30 days. Apart from this, the comedian has also taken a dig at the ratings. The way in which he has described it, it is vigorous. People are saying that even this much truth should not have been spoken.

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Comedian Shraddha’s hilarious @aiyyoshraddha parody on Instagram has touched the hearts of netizens. The video has been viewed 7.2 lakh times so far. It is obvious that people found this video very relevant. Many users have commented on this in a funny way. At the same time, most of the users are praising comedian Shraddha for making funny comments.

A user has written, Amazing video, but should not have spoken this much truth. At the same time, another user has written, you kill by wrapping it in velvet. Another user has written, you nailed it Shraddha.

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