Companies moving from China to Japan, India may benefit


BanglaHunt Desk: The whole world is currently terrorized by the coronary virus (COVID-19). The virus has caused epidemics in many countries around the world. The malaria virus, which spreads from the city of Wuhan, China, continues to spread throughout the world. The whole world is blaming China for this. But without hearing anything, China is moving in their mood. The Corona virus is constantly trying to avoid responsibility for itself.

In the face of these crises and disasters, China continues to think about trade and commerce. China exports various substandard and defective medical products to different countries. Trying to make a profit for him at a high price. That's why most of China's factories have been opened in the midst of the Corona crisis. But now, countries around the world are also against China's work.

The Japanese government is seeking to remove all Japanese companies from China for such actions. So that these companies do not have to face the loss. For this reason, the Japanese government has announced about Tk. 4 crore in financial package. This money will cost Japan to remove its business companies from China. The Japanese government now wants their products companies to come out of China.

Again, if a company wants to start a company out of China without going to Japan, then to another country in the world, then the Japanese government has decided to spend 20.5 billion eN for them. Japan also relied on China for the little things. But during the lockdown, 20 percent of goods from China lost in February. Of the Japanese companies that were now operating in China due to the Corona virus, 5 percent of the companies now want to come out of China. Because working in China during this crisis is becoming risky for them.

India could also benefit greatly from Japan's decision. Because the world's largest companies consider India as a big profitable country in terms of business. At this time India can call those companies in Japan with profitable offers in their home country. Other countries may also have their companies removed from China after Japan spoke against China.

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