Computer Ko Fast Kaise Kare In 6 Aasan Tariko Se

Computer Ko Fast Kaise Kare?

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In today’s post, you will know that computer ko fast kaise kare if you do not know then read this post completely. And we will tell you this laptop slow chale to kya kare, computer ko fast kare windows 7, pc ko fast kaise kare, computer slow chal raha hai what to do next. Today’s era is the age of digital, and everyone uses a computer. Nowadays computer is used everywhere such as banks, hospitals, shops, schools, offices etc. So you do not need to take tension at all, we will tell you what to do if pc fast kaise kare, computer fast kaise kare, laptop ko fast kaise kare, laptop slow chal raha hai.

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Through this post, you can increase the speed of laptop and computer, so let’s know friends now, if you also want to speed up your computer speed, then read it from beginning to end.

PC and laptop slow kyu ho jaate hai

The biggest reason for slowing down PC and laptop is that it is not servicing on time, it is not maintained properly. And installing heavy software. Now we will tell you further that PC ki speed fast kaise kare, slow computer ko fast kaise kare.

Computer Ko Fast Kaise Kare In Hindi

You can increase computer speed by following the steps given below:

  1. Install only one antivirus

You install only one anti virus in your pc or computer, if you install more than one anti virus then your system may be slow.

  1. Uninstall Games And Software

Computer Ko Fast Kaise Kare?
Unintsall the game which you do not play on your computer and also unintsall the software which is not useful. So that the memory of your computer can be freed and your work can be done fast.

  1. Clear Temporary Files

Computer Ko Fast Kaise Kare?
Whenever we run any software or program, it generates Temporary Files. It is saved in Tmp Folder in computer. Keep deleting Temporary Files so that your computer remains fast.

  1. Use Disk Cleanup

Computer Ko Fast Kaise Kare?
There are many such files on our computer which are of no use, which are of no use. There are many installation files that remain even after uninstalling the software, these Unnecessary Files also occupy space on your hard disk. That’s why you kept deleting uncessary files from time to time.

  1. Keep Desktop Screen Clean

On the main screen of the computer, you should not keep any other data or file other than the necessary icon, the more files saved on the desktop screen, the more slow your computer will be.
Because Save Files on Desktop goes to your C Drives only, which consumes more RAM. And your Pc works slow.

  1. Keep the Recycle Bin Empty

When we delete something on the computer, it goes to our Recycle Bin. And it takes up more space, so always keep the Recycle Bin clear. If you want to delete direct then you press Shift + Delete Button.

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