Conflict between the army and the government of Pakistan over the lockdown, Imran Khan's prime minister in misery!

Bengali Hunt Desk: Occasionally there is a rift between the Pakistani government and the Pakistani army. Pakistan is also facing a global epidemic. The military and the government are taking different approaches to fight the virus.

Pakistan's Prime Minister Imran Khan has said the country will not call for a lockdown to deal with Corona. On March 22, Pakistani Prime Minister Imran Khan said his government would not call a lockdown in the country. He said that due to this lockdown, millions of people in the country will become unemployed and their families will not have enough food to eat.

Then, to save the country from the corona virus crisis and to prevent the spread of the corona virus, Imran Khan was locked up by the powerful army of Pakistan for not declaring a lockdown in the whole of Pakistan. Less than 24 hours after the Prime Minister's remarks, Pakistan Army spokesman Major General Babar Iftikhar announced that the army would take over the lockdown to prevent infection in the country.

The Pakistani military then deployed troops across the country and, through the state tax body, enforced a lockdown in the country for the corona virus. The State Core Association is an association that coordinates between the government of the country and the state government. On the other hand, the Pakistan Army has seen General Kovid-19 as a leisure to prove their power against Imran Khan's decision on the crisis.

“The government has left room to deal with the corona virus,” said a retired general. And that place has been occupied by the army. Besides, there was no alternative. ” According to analysts, another example of Imran Khan's failure to come forward with the army to deal with the corona virus. He has failed to garner support in the international arena for a solution to the Kashmir issue, while the FATF has come under fire for providing financial support to terrorists. The army that gave power to Imran Khan in 2016, this time they are against Imran.