Congratulations for the financial package but my money is also Nick Sarkar: Tweet Vijay Malir


BanglaHunt Desk: In the midst of the Corona (COVID-19) crisis, Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi has recently announced a financial package of Rs 20 lakh crore. Various people have expressed their views on the package announced by the Prime Minister. Even a congratulatory message has come from London for the Prime Minister of India.

Liquor trader Vijay Malia also congratulated the Modi government

The Prime Minister of India, Vijay Mallya, a liquor merchant from London, has congratulated the Central Government on announcing a financial package for the country. Apart from congratulating him, he also said that he would take all his money to the Prime Minister of India.

Close the lawsuit with all my money

Vijay Malia, a liquor dealer from London, requested Modiji in a tweet, ‘I congratulate him for the financial package announced by the Prime Minister to tackle the Corona crisis. Besides, I would also like to donate all my money from Sest Bank to the relief fund for this work. My humble request to the government is to complete the case against me with all my money.

A case of fraud of Tk 9,000 crore has been filed against Vijay Malia

Vijay Malia, a liquor baron from India, has been declared a fugitive and is accused of embezzling Rs 9,000 crore. He fled and is currently in London. He had been arrested once before and was released on bail. When the London government told him to surrender, he appealed to the Supreme Court.

Many times Vijay Malia wanted to return all his money

The Government of India has announced a financial package of Rs 20 lakh crore for the citizens of the country. Which will be spent on various sectors for the betterment of the countrymen. With this announcement of the Prime Minister, Vijay Malia wanted to give his money. However, Vijay Malia, a liquor dealer, tweeted many times before and demanded a refund.