Congress leader arrested for beheading accused in Hathras, see viral video


There has been a backlash against the Uttar Pradesh Hathras case. Congress leader Nizam Malik made remarks about Hathras after which he was arrested. The Congress leader said that the person who would cut off the head of the accused would be given a reward of Rs 1 crore by his society. As soon as such remarks came to light, the police filed a case and arrested Nizam Malik.

Nizam Malik is the district president of the Congress. The statement made by Nizam Malik about Hathras went viral on social media. It is clear in the video that Nizam Malik said, “I am demanding the execution of the devils who raped me on behalf of my society.” And our society will give a reward of 1 crore rupees to the person who will cut off the head of the accused.

The video went viral after the statement was disputed and police filed a case and arrested the Congress leader. Bulandshahr police tweeted that the Congress leader had been arrested. It has been alleged that the Congress leader tried to incite racism in his speech.

Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has ordered a CBI probe into the Hathras case.
The victim's father demanded a CBI investigation. Chief Minister Yogi Adityanath has accepted that demand.