Congress leader holding the flag of Pakistan! The picture posted by the BJP has caused a stir in the political arena

Congress leader holding the flag of Pakistan!  BJP leader posted the picture

BanglaHunt Desk: From the very beginning, the Congress has stood by the farmers in protest of the Centre’s agricultural bill. Congress supporters have been seen protesting against the central government many times in support of the farmers. But this time the flag of Pakistan (pakistan falg) was seen in the hands of the Congress supporters! This picture is again widely viral on social media.

In Germany as well as in other countries like India, members of Congress have been holding various rallies in support of the peasant movement. There, members of the German branch of the Congress went against the Indian government and organized a rally on the side of the peasants. And with that gathering there is as much danger.

According to sources, the Pakistani flag was hoisted at the gathering. The political circles are now busy with this. Not only that, a BJP leader close to Rahul Gandhi raised the flag, the BJP camp said. The picture has also gone viral on social media.

The BJP camp claims that the two Congress leaders holding the Pakistani flag in the viral image are very close to Rahul Gandhi. They are Charan Kumar, Raj Sharma. BJP leader Suresh Nakhua has complained about this.

The Congress is reluctant to accept the BJP’s allegations. The Indian Overseas Congress (IOC) has denied the allegations in a statement issued Friday stating “Similar, baseless allegations concerning India have been made more than once. The Congress has completely denied the BJP’s allegations.