Congress leader quarrels with AIMIM workers in Wasir area, clashes continue

BanglaHunt Desk: Clashes broke out between Congress and AIMIM leaders while trying to help flood victims in Telangana. The Congress alleges that while they wanted to visit the affected areas, they were not allowed to do so. Police arrived and settled the clash on Sunday.

Dispute between Congress and AIMIM leaders

According to sources, Congress leader and former minister Shabbir Ali went to the Chanderghat area to inspect the flood situation and meet the affected people there. AIMIM leaders also reached there along with them. Going there, the two sides started arguing loudly. The quarrel escalated into a scuffle. In this situation the police came and handled the situation.

Volunteer team came forward in the rescue operation

Currently, several parts of Telangana have been inundated due to heavy rains due to inclement weather. People's lives are in danger. Crops have also been damaged. There, volunteers continue to rescue ordinary people at the risk of their own lives. But the conflict between the Congress and AIMIM leaders escalated when they went to see the flood-hit people there.

Bengal to help Telangana

This natural calamity has caused extensive damage in Telangana. Houses have collapsed, bigha bigha farmland has gone under water. Besides, about 80 people have lost their lives in this natural disaster. All in all, public life in Telangana is in deep crisis. In this situation, Bengal Chief Minister Mamata Banerjee provided financial assistance of Tk 2 crore to further strengthen the friendship with Telangana. Telangana Chief Minister K Chandrasekhar Rao also thanked for the help.