Congress MLA delivers relief to helpless people across hills, jungles


Anshuya Sitakka, a girl from the Koya tribe, joined the Maoist party when she was a teenager. Then he was 15. After that, in the darkness of the night, in the light of day, with the dust in the eyes of the police-administration, he wandered around the mountains and forests with arms. He was the commander of the Maoist party. Was underground for eight years. Survived a police encounter while in the underground. Swami was also a Maoist leader. Died in the encounter. Lost brother. Sitakka returned to the mainstream after surrendering in 2004. He became the first MLA from Mulugu in 2009. He won that seat again in 2016. Passed LLB. He has also worked as a lawyer in Warangal Court. He also taught law to his only son.

He once took up arms to protect the rights of the people of Jangalmahal. The purpose has not changed. But instead of changing the path, she has now become the real public leader. Danasari Ansuya Sitakka, MLA of Mulugur in Telangana, is delivering sanitary napkins from rice, pulses, oil and vegetables to remote areas with sacks on his head, mostly on foot, sometimes in cattle carts, crossing hills and forests. Since March 26, aid has reached more than 400 villages. In the words of the 46-year-old Congress MLA, “Inside the deep jungle, where there is no traffic, no electricity, no water problems, the condition of the houses is very bad, no government aid reaches.” No one thinks about them. This is my initiative to alleviate some of their problems. '

Mulugu Telangana is a tribal-dominated assembly. About six hundred and fifty villages. So Sitakka is plowing. “70-75 villages are very remote here,” he told IANS by telephone on Tuesday. We have reached about 6 of them. 'He went to Penugolu village on Sunday. The Khan Challishek family lives in the village of Jangalghera. Almost no equipment of modern civilization has reached there. The place does not even fall in his assembly constituency. Still, after climbing five hills, Sitakka walked 20 kilometers through the jungle to reach relief. He said, “I left at six in the morning and reached the village at 12 o'clock in the afternoon.” I have never seen such a poor village. But you have to think about the people there! So I am trying to be by their side. '

The MLA has reached many remote villages including Jalgalancha and Ilapur with relief sacks on his head. The residents of all these villages are mainly day laborers. Many do not have ration, Aadhaar card. Because the government does not accept many as citizens of the state. Work stopped on the lockdown above him. In Sitakkara’s words, ‘no public representative reaches out to them. Nutritious food is far away, people do not fill their stomachs twice. The children are malnourished. '

Sitakka – Sita Didi in Bengal is setting an example as an ideal public leader at a difficult time when politics is being forgotten and people are being repeatedly urged to stand by their side.

Sitakka was one of the first to raise awareness about the use of masks and covid in the Telangana assembly. But in all the remote areas where he is going for relief, there is less fear than corona. However, Sitakka is making the residents aware about the use of masks, frequent hand washing etc. PhD work is going on as well. The MLA is doing research at Osmania University.