Congress promised to ban Jalikattu in 2016, this time Rahul Gandhi promised to protect it

In the upcoming assembly polls in Tamil Nadu, political parties are engaged in a cultural battle like in Bengal. Seeing Jalikattu in Madurai on this day, Rahul Gandhi promised to protect Tamil culture. He said Tamils ​​cannot be isolated. I will protect Tamil language and culture.

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Rahul Gandhi, Rahul Gandhi

Culture has become a tool in the Bengal assembly vote this time. Bengalis have always been passionate about culture. From Rabindranath to Vivekananda, the BJP is desperate to plant lotuses on the soil of Bengal using Bengali great men as tools. Whenever there is a gap in the campaign, the Trinamool Congress is also using it as a tool.

In the same way, Tamils ​​are also very passionate about their language and culture. There is no big leader like Jayalalithaa or Karunanidhi in the Tamil Nadu polls this time. That is why the political parties have used Tamil culture as a tool like Bengal. They have reached the middle of Pongal with gift baskets. The ruling party AIDMK said it had announced Rs 2,500 in cash, sugarcane, a shirt and a sari. BJP all-India president JP Nadda is also joining Pongle.

On the other hand, Rahul Gandhi also reached Madurai after returning from Italy. There he attended the Pongal festival. Seeing Jalikattu, he said, I learned a lot about Tamil language and culture. Tamils ​​cannot be separated from the rest of India. I will protect Tamil culture. Please be informed that before the Assembly elections in 2016, the Congress had promised to stop this scam.