Conscience next to the working people, took the responsibility of five thousand migrant workers


Banglahunt Desk: The name Vivek Oberoi (vivek oberoi) has always been associated with controversy. The emerging actor's career fell apart prematurely after he got into an argument with Salman over Aishwarya. Although he has been seen as a side character in some films lately, he has not been able to cut the stain in such a way. His last notable movie was 'PM Narendra Modi'.

This time Vivek Oberoi stood by the side of the migrant workers. Lockdown is going on all over India against Corona. In this situation, the working class people of the country, starting from the working class people to the ordinary working middle class, have become jobless. This time, Vivek is taking the responsibility of 5,000 workers to cut the workers' financial crisis.

Vivek said, “Migrant workers have been stuck in different parts of the country for a long time in this situation of lockdown. There are many people who are not getting the things they need. They are not even getting the necessary food. The family is constantly fighting for food. That is why I have decided to stand by the families of 5,000 migrant workers. ”

Vivek Oberoi has joined the initiative in association with ‘Support Aid & Assist The Helpless – SAATH’. They will send money directly to the bank accounts of 5,000 workers across the country. In this economic instability, the decision has to be made so that the workers have the necessities. He also appealed to all the well-to-do people of the country to stand by the people living below the poverty line in this difficult time of the country.