Constable rescues unconscious woman on hilly road 6 km


Bangla Hunt Desk: Viral Video- Responsibility to the work of the duty constable of Andhra Pradesh and the life of a woman of intelligence and honesty survived. The 56-year-old woman lost consciousness while visiting the Tirumala Temple. The constable carried the woman on his shoulders and walked six km to the Godavari district hospital. The woman survived after receiving immediate treatment there. The video of this incident went viral on social media.

The woman had high blood pressure and also had leg problems due to the surgery. He was on his way to the Tirumala Temple in Andhra Pradesh when he suddenly fainted while climbing a 16 km long road.

Constable Sheikh Arshad reached there and took the woman on his shoulders. He took the woman to the hospital after walking 8 km on an inaccessible road. He also stood for a while and fed the woman fruit. After crossing a six-kilometer road, the constable drove the woman to the hospital in the former MLA's car.

Constable Sheikh Arsad's work is being praised all around. Andhra Pradesh's top police official Gautam Swang praised his work. The Tirumala temple is located on a high hill. Pilgrims going there have to cross many inaccessible roads.