Content Hub 2023: ‘Taj: Divided by Blood’ preparing for worldwide release, producers are making these changes


Content Hub 2023:

Content Hub 2023: The story of Mughalia Sultanate i.e. the war of Akbar’s family has been shown in the OTT series ‘Taj-Divided by Blood’. The producers of the film are now preparing to make changes in it and release it on a large scale all over the world.

Abhimanyu Singh – Producer of Taj Series

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Taj: Divided By Blood: Aditi Rao Hydari, Taha Shah, Naseeruddin Shah, Rahul Bose And the brilliant series of actors like Sandhya Mridul Taj: Divided by Blood is now ready to be released worldwide. Producer Abhimanyu Singh and actor Taha Shah of the film reached Tv9 India’s Content Hub 2023 and are very excited about it. This series was streamed on Zee5. In this web series, prepared in 10 episodes, a family and their three sons have been shown about Taj ki Ganj.

Abhimanyu Singh, the producer of the Taj series, while talking to Content Hub 2023, told that ‘Internationally want to stream this series well on a large scale. Our thinking is that our content should also go outside. It took us 2 years to make this series. The crew that has been included in this series, whether it is the director of the series Ron Scalpelo or the writer, all of them will help in taking our story to the global audience.

Let us tell you that the story of Taj series begins with a war. It is shown in the story how Akbar, who ordered the killing of other’s children, yearns for his own children. After this, Akbar meets Salim Chishti and he tells him about the progeny and his prediction. Chishti says to Akbar, ‘Whenever the water of the river turns red, the blood of the Mughalia Sultanate will flow. Akbar’s sons Salim, Murad and Daniyal all three do a lot of havoc in the series for the crown.

Naseeruddin Shah has played the powerful role of Akbar in the series. On the other hand, Sandhya Mridul has done a great acting as Jodha Bai. On the other hand, Rahul Bose, Aditi Rao Hydari and South actor Taha Shah have done good acting. This series has been released on G5 and now it is ready to be released worldwide.

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